BackBlast #378 – Virtual Q #3

DATE | Thursday, March 26, 2020
AO | Pax’ Choice
WEATHER | High 40s, overcast
Q | BasicBro

Pre-Blast | I’ve got the Virtual Q tomorrow. Here’s your workout, attached as well if you want to print it and take it with you. While it’s not a race, I’m curious about how much time it’ll take everyone to complete all 3 rounds (to help adjust for future workouts). HC’s? And, go!


  1. Stretch OYO (on your own): 2 minutes

  2. Abe Vigodas (slow windmills), 4-count: x10

  3. Imperial Walkers, 4-count: x20

  4. Mosey lap: Distance = your call

THE THANG (3 rounds of each, 1 full round at a time)

  1. Burpees x5

  2. Alt. Shoulder Taps (4-ct) x10

  3. Merkins x20

  4. LBCs (4-ct) x30

  5. Heel Raises x40

  6. SSH (single) x50

  7. Run x100 yards [mod: Run in Place x30 seconds]

PAX: 12
Snoop, Gravy, Forrest, Rehab, Soft Spot, Mad Cow, Dapends, Anastasia, Steamroller, Bald Eagle, Kraut, and BasicBro (QIC)

One cliché IPA at a time,