BackBlast #376 – Virtual Q


DATE | Tuesday, March 24, 2020
AO | Pax’ Choice
Q | Snoop

Pre-Blast | Let’s still get after it tomorrow. Find an open space (Your Basement/Backyard) and get after the below workout.

Post how many Rounds you completed and your total AMRAP counts for Merkins, Burpees, and BBS.

HCs Below

With Bald Eagle’s Announcement, the plan is maintain the current Q schedule. Workouts are OYO, so the Q will post the night before, and the PAX has the next day to complete the workout and post in the thread their completion. Workouts can be AMRAP, time-based, or standard F3 workout. Make it your own. If you need somebody to take your virtual Q, reach out! 

The workout.


PAX that completed:

Forrest, Anastasia, Dapends, Gravy, Mad Cow, Softspot, BasicBro, Snoop

Drop it like it’t hot