Backblast #364 – Chicken with a Deer

With the mid-30 degree morning temperature teasing us related to the advent of Spring. YHC was eager to get the legs stretched out a bit.

Pax: BasicBro & QIC Bald Eagle

After a brief stretch and warm-o-rama we hit the trail with stops along the way for squats, lunges, and one leg lunges. The plan was to run just over a 3 mile loop but a territorial deer cut that a bit short. We were just under a mile and a half in when our headlights highlighted 2 eyes looking square at us 50 yards ahead on the trail. We hollered a bit and the deer moved 10ish yards off the trail and continued to stare at us. His doe was on the other side of the trail, so with him not moving we decided that he won the game of chicken and we turned around the way we came to finish out what turned into 2.5 miles.

Back at the AO we had an extended time of stretching which was just what the doctor ordered. A perfect way to start the week.