Backblast# 388 Break off the Dust

AO : Your front porch Temp: to be desired

Saturday April 10th

In attendance ; Gravy, Hasselhoff , Bullwinkle, Mad Cow, Steamroller, Basic Bro, Anastasia, Hank The Tank, Kraut, Bald Eagle, Depends and Forrest.

Warm up : leg stretches, arm stretches,

Motivators from 10

Find your favorite faith based music and turn up the volume.

The Thang : traveling down your street around your block stop at each corner perform a simple task:

Set Timer 45 minutes for your AMRAP

corner 1 : drop your coupon off jump over coupon side to side 40X

bear crawl to next corner or 200 meters

corner 2: perform 20 burpees

Sprint to next corner

corner 3: 30 jump squats

lunge to next corner

corner 4: 20 merkins

you pick how you get back to corner1

Rinse and Repeat till time lapses

Back to home for some Mary

1 set of Colt 45’s

core-I-vators from 6

gentlemen thanks for the opportunity and stay safe and well Forrest