Backblast #383 – Take it to Eleven

Thursday April 2, 2920

AO: Home – Driveway

Virtual Workout Offered to Any PAX to accomplish in that day.

PreBlast: I have the Q tomorrow and to celebrate the 11 workdays I have been working from home we are taking it to Eleven! Complete this at your timing.

HCs from: Mad Cow, Hasselhoff, Basic Bro, Forrest, Froggy, Anastasia, Dapends QIC Soft Spot


1 Min Various Stretching

11 – 4ct Mountian Climbers

11 – Goofball Burpees (Perform Goofballs for 10 secs, then 1 Burpee thats 1)

The Thang

Take it to Eleven. Use the driveway as spacing between exercises. (An exercise in which you start with 1 rep of one exercise and 10 reps of another exercise, then add one additional rep to the first exercise and subtract one rep from the second. The sum must always add up to 11. Example 10 Merkins 1 Squat, 9 Merkins 2 Squats…)

To cross the room or driveway between reps Run/bear crawl/crabwalk/jump – means of your choosing

Perform the following as Elevans

1: Big Boy Sistups / LBC

2: Bent Over Row / Overhead Press

3: Merkin / Tricep Extension

4: Squat / Burpee


11 – 4ct Flutter Kicks

Get after Men.

Soft Spot