Backblast #385 – Goin covid stir crazy

DATE | Tuesday, April 7, 2020
AO | Pax’ Choice
WEATHER | Sunny, High low 60’s
Q | Anastasia

AO: Home

Virtual Workout Offered to Any PAX to accomplish in that day.

PreBlast: We’re all going a little covid stir crazy around the house these days. Who is down to get a little beatdown crazy tomorrow? HC for hard crazy below! 

HCs from 13 PAX: soft spot, basic bro, hasselhoff, bald eagle, dapends, anastasia, mad cow, cuddle buddy, ralphie, forrest, gravy, miss daisy, snoop

SSH (30)
-Cherry pickers with a back clap (4ct –15 reps)
-Static leg stretches of your choice (2 min)
-Static arm stretches of your choice (2 min)
-Mosey lap around your house. Sorry if you own a big house—sucks to be you

The Thang
Ab round: The Bruce Lee
-American hammer (4 ct–20 reps)
-Flutter kicks (4 ct–20 reps)
-LBCs (4 ct–20 reps)
-Heel touches(4 ct–20 reps)
-Crunch frog (20 reps)
-Sprint around your house
-Leg round: The Conor McGregor
-Squat (50 ct)
-Lunge (40ct, 20 per leg)
-Over-coupon side hops (50 ct)
-Apolo Ohno (50 ct)
-Sprint around your house
-Arm round: The Muhammad Ali
-Burpees(15 ct)
-Coupon curls (30 ct)
-Merkins (20ct)
-Overhead press (20 ct)
-Tricep extension(20 ct)
-Sprint around your house

-pickle pointers OYO
-pickle pounders OYO
-Motivators (from 6)
-lie on the ground and breathe out all the crazy.