Backblast #406 The Less Burner


DATE | Saturday, May 16, 2020
AO | Earth
BEATDOWN | Virtual
Q | Kraut

Pre-Blast | 05.15.20 “I’ve got the Q tomorrow!  There will be merkins, there will be coupons, you will probably not like me when it’s done.  Who’s in anyway!?’”

PAX: 8
Kraut, Snoop, MAD COW, Hasselhoff, Bullwinkle, Cuddle Buddy, Gravy, Less

25 SSH
25 OH Claps
25 Seal Claps
25 Second Hold Arms Out
25 Second Hold Coupon Overhead

The Thang:
Complete Five Rounds
10 Ranger Merkins
20 Coupon Shoulder Shrugs
10 Manmaker Merkins (Each merkin is one rep)
10 Coupon Curls
10 Blockees

AKA The Less Burner:
0.5 mile overhead coupon carry.  You can only move when your coupon is up.

Kraut – Out