Backblast #411 – Thursday Beatdown

May 23, 2020

DATE | May 21, 2020
AO | At Home
Q | Steamroller

PAX: Dapends, Hasselhoff, Less, Steamroller


  • Motivators from 8

The Thang: 5 Minute Challenge
You can do the exercises in each round in whatever order you like but once you start an exercise you need to complete it before you start the next.Round 1: Do as many of the each exercise in 5 minutes as you can and record your number. 2 minutes of rest is allowed between exercises.

  • 5 minutes of Planks – Do as much planking as you can in 5 minutes. Record your total “up” time.

  • 5 minutes of Pushups

  • 5 minutes of Coupon curls

  • 5 minutes of Squats

Round 2: Do the same number of reps (up time for planks) you did in the first round and record the time it takes you to complete them. 2 minutes of rest is allowed between each exercise.

Report the number of reps you did in round 1 and the time it took you to complete them in round 2.

Mary: Do 5 minutes of an exercise you love. Also report what you did.