Backblast #412 – Memorial Day Monday

Pax: Ralphie, Soft Spot, QIC Bald Eagle

With the governor starting to ease restrictions, it felt great to get back to the Gloom. YHC blasted the Weinke out on Slack for any pax preferring to WFH.


20x SSH
15x Imperial Walkers
15x Mountain Climbers
3x Walk Feet to Hands & Back to Plank
Mosey around the Square (10 parking space distance between each cone)

The Thang
Each pax started at a different corner. YHC set a timer for 10 minutes for each round. Each cone had an exercise assigned to it. Each pax completed 10x reps the first time around, 9x the second, and so on until time expired.

Round 1:

Cone 1 – Lunges
Cone 2 – Merkins
Cone 3 – Squats
Cone 4 – BBS

Round 2

Cone 1 – Burpees (from 5)
Cone 2 – Jump Squats
Cone 3 – Curtsy Lunges
Cone 4 – Freddie Mercuries
*the variant on round 2 was that 2 coupons were added, and pax farmer carried these from one cone to the next, and left them at that cone for the next person to carry when they completed that cone’s exercise.

Round 3

Due to timing, we shifted to a baseball variant. One pax ran to ‘1st base’ and back while another pax completed AMRAP merkins and the third pax held plank. We cycled through this until each pax completed each exercise. For 2nd base we completed curls or curl holds, and for the home run we completed OH coupon holds/OH presses.

Mary –
15 LBC’s
Dr. W’s – Start at 4x, rest 3x, rest, 2x, rest, 1x, rest, Max Reps

Bald Eagle Out. Feels great to be back in the Gloom!