Backblast #420- Give it all you got and then some…

DATE | Saturday, June 6th, 2020
AO | John Ball Zoo
BEATDOWN | 0700-0800
Q | Hank the Tank

Pre-Blast | 06.05.20 “I will be hosting the Q tomorrow at Zoo, and it’ll be a party you won’t want to miss. If you HC I’ll SYITG at 7am and bring a coupon. The theme of the party is “Bring all you got”!.

PAX: 9 Forrest, Kraut, Basic Bro, Less, Hank the Tank, Gravy, Anastasia, FNG 1 (Pitbull), FNG 2 (Squirts)

5 Core Principles recited

20 SSH, shoulder circles forward and back, and hugs (10 each on own)
Mosey to tree and back (appr. 200 yards)

The Thang:

AMRAP for each exercise. Run approximately 200 yards after each exercise then perform Mary of your choice while waiting for others to finish.

  • Merkin, Upright row, Kettle bell (coupon) swing, Coupon Curls, Standing Chest press

Start back at top and repeat all exercises again doing at a minimum 2 more reps than your AMRAP the first round. Same routine in-between exercises.

Note: Run was shortened at the end of workout and 2nd round of Standing chest press was not completed due to time.


Bald Eagle is hosting happy hour Thursday 6/11 at his house while practicing social distancing.

Leader’s Message:
We as HIM need to be mindful of our efforts and our mindset. We are capable of going and performing so much more but often settle for par. Don’t do the status quo, ask yourself could you have done more, went far, pushed harder….? I reference 2 stories, 1 from a movie and the other a true story:

  • Facing the Giants- There was a scene in the movie about the death crawl where one of the leaders said he could only do a max of 30 yards while doing the crawl with someone on his back. The coach blind folded him and he ended up going the entire length of the football field.

  • Albert Earnest Clifford Young- A 61 yr old farmer who won the 1983 Sydney to Melbourne Ultra-marathon wearing overalls and work boots and set the record for fastest finish time. The thought to run an ultra marathon was that you run for 18 hours and sleep for 6 and it takes 5 days. He finished it in around 3 days and never slept.

Both of these stories show that if you don’t do what is considered the normal that you can achieve great results. Don’t do whatever one else is doing, change your mindset and set higher goals for yourself. There is also a movie called “Cliffy” about the runner. I have not seen either of these movies but plan to watch them and suggest you do as well.

Prayer Said

Hank the Tank