Backblast #421 – Dutchmen’s Delight (so many coupons…)

YHC offered up a pre-blast with the following image. Six brave and uninjured souls chose to take the DRP. The task was simple – these coupons needed to all make it to the top of the stairs, and then back down. Simple doesn’t always mean easy.

Pax: Splitter, Kraut, Dapends, Hank the Tank, Forrest, QIC Bald Eagle


15x SSH
Leg Stretches
20x Arm Circles

The Thang:

Move the coupons to to the top of the stairs as quickly as possible. Pax took a variety of approaches – including carrying them all the way, or creating a relay system where they would run them up a landing or two and hand them to the next pax.

18:07 was the time it took for 6 pax to get the coupons up.

At the top of the stairs, we completed 3 exercises: 10x Abyss Merkins, 15x Curls, 10x OH Press.

We then descended with the coupons, which actually took slightly longer than the ascent. Having to bring coupons down the stairs, and then climb the stairs on spent legs proved a challenge for the pax.

We ended right at 0615 with all of the coupons stacked neatly back in the truck.

Two observations:

  • Find a way to make yourself useful. The task was clearly laid out, and each pax finding something he could do to be useful helped us achieve the goal.

  • It’s easier to adjust a plan from a place of motion than from a static place. As we were moving the coupons pax were able to experience what was working and what did not work and adjust on the fly.

Relevance to our current situation with Covid/BLM/Economic Challenges: Be a part of the solution. Find things you can do and start. Be humble enough to adjust on the fly if something is not working. There is a place for talk, but follow it with action.