BackBlast #422-Chasing After the Pax


Preblast via Slack 6/7/20

I have the Q tomorrow morning at 5:30 at Johnson Park.  We will run the trails and mix in some exercises.  Please HC below.

AO-Johnson Park

61 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 4 PAX.  BasicBro, Gravy, Ralphie, and Less (QIC)


-Rubber band stretches down to the toes, right over left, and left over right.  10 count each in cadence.

-Calf stretch 15 count each leg

-Standing groin stretch 15 count

-15 overhead claps in cadence into 15 seal claps in cadence into 10 overhead claps in cadence into 10 seal claps in cadence into 5 overhead claps in cadence into 5 seal claps in cadence

The Thang

-The pax ran along the trail.  One pax would stop to do an exercise while the rest of the pax would keep running.  The pax that stopped to do the exercise would then have to catch up.  When they caught up the next pax would stop to do the exercise and so on until all the pax had done the exercise.  The pax then switched exercises as they continued.  The exercises went as followed:

1. 10 burpees

2. 20 merkins

3. 20 squats

4. 30 side straddle hops (single count)

5. 10 burpees

6. 2 burpees


-50 big boy situps

-45 second chillcut plank

-20 American Hammers in cadence




Leaders Message

Treasure the time you have when you get together with family or friends because, as we have found in the past couple of months, it is never a given.

More or Less,