Backblast #428 – Tabata @ the Track


DATE: 6/18/2020
AO: Hospital Hill
QIC: Snoop
PAX: 15 [Little Brother, Soft Spot, Splitter, LP, Steamroller, Pokemon (FNG), Mad Cow, Ketchup (FNG), Bald Eagle, Forrest, Dapends, Hasselhoff, Kraut, Gravy, Snoop
Pre-Blast: Tomorrow you’ve got Snoop on the QIC. I’m planning a classic You Vs. You workout. Low effort = low impact workout. Getting after it with 100% of your effort = high impact workout. Let’s all aim to make tomorrow a high impact day! 0530 at the GRCC track. HCs?

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer: This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout. I am not a professional. I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to. The most important thing is that you don’t get hurt, and that you finish. Remember, the workout should be you vs you.          


Tappy-taps IC X15
Merkins IC X15
Seal Claps IC X15
Overhead Claps IC X15


Set up cones on the track ~ 40M on both of the straights, and we’d be working out on the opposite end of the track for each evolution. The PAX were instructed to mosey to the first set of cones, sprint to the next set of cones, then mosey to the AO.

Today was all about Tabata Internals.

In 1996 Japanese professor Dr. Izumi Tabata developed the “Tabata” workout plan while he researched how to train the Japanese Olympic Speed Skating team efficiently.  His findings showed that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) improved aerobic capacity and also increased anaerobic capacity by 28%. 

Tabata is interval training. 8 rounds. Rounds are broken out with 20 Seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. X8. AMRAP during the work time. Its called AMRAP for a reason. Give it all you got during the worktime as you have 10 seconds of rest coming up. Go for broke during those 20 seconds and give it 100% effort.

We’d did supersets this morning whereas for each 8 round Tabata interval we’d be performing two different exercises swapping each work round.

1st Interval SSH –> Mtn Climbers
Mosey/Sprint/Mosey to other side of Track
2nd Interval Hand Release Merkins –> High Knees
Mosey/Sprint/Mosey to other side of Track
3rd Interval Prisoner Jump Squats –> Burpees
Mosey/Sprint/Mosey to other side of Track
4th Interval Leg Levers –> Flutter Kicks
Mosey/Sprint/Mosey to other side of Track
5th Interval Jump Lunges –> Plank Jacks
Mosey to the track wall.


Hold People’s chair on the wall while groups of 3 PAX (5 Separate Groups) performed 5 Burpees each. The next group couldn’t start until all 3 PAX finished their burpees.

Circle of Trust (CoT)

  • Count-O-Rama
  • Name-O-Rama
  • F3-specific Announcements
    Last and Final Offical qSchool (q. 4 Leave Right) is set for July 11.
  • Ball of Man (BOM)
    “When things are going bad: Don’t get all bummed out, don’t get startled, don’t get frustrated. No. Just look at the issue and say: ‘Good’” – Jocko Willink

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