BackBlast #450-Anybody Like Twizzlers?


Preblast via Slack 7/19/20

I have the Q tomorrow morning at Johnson Park.  There will be running with exercises mixed in.  No coupons required.  Please HC below.

AO-Johnson Park

66 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 4 PAX.  Gravy, Ralphie, Pasty, and Less (QIC)


-Stretch to the toes 15 count

-Right over left and left over right stretch to the toes 10 count

-Standing groin stretch 15 count

-15 merkins

-Motivators from 6 to 1

-8 burpees

The Thang

-The pax ran along the trail and stopped along the way to do exercises.  Started with 2 twizzlers in cadence and added 2 at each stop until the last stop when the pax completed 20 twizzlers in cadence.  Finished at 6:15 at the AO.




More or Less,