BackBlast #453- Full Body Dora

Preblast via Slack 7/22/20

My fellow HIM’s, I think I have the Q at the GRCC track tomorrow at 5:30a. I think they are called Dora’s, and we’ll be doing some exercises along those lines with a coupon at times. I think it will suck, but what do I know? And you won’t either unless you HC!


66 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 20 PAX.  Mad Cow, Cuddle Buddy, Hasslehoff, Kraut, Forrest, LP, Patsy, Ketchup, Soft Spot, Anastasia, Splitter, Basic Bro, Snoop, Hoffa, Crosswalk, Gravy, Bullwinkle, Less, and Hank the Tank (QIC)


-Huggers (Arm swings)

-10 Side straddle hops in cadence

-Forward Arm Circles 10 in cadence

-Reverse Arm Circles 10 in cadence

The Thang

Split into groups (10) with a partner and performed exercises DORA style. 1 person did the exercise and the other did a mosey around the lap 1 time and then rotated.

First exercise was a cumulative 400 coupon presses laying on the ground with the coupon and coming down with the elbows touching the ground and then back up.

Once the 400 reps were completed by the team they moved onto 400 cumulative coupon curls. After that it was 400 cumulative coupon swings (Thrusters). Not enough allowed everyone to complete so we all did 20 each after everyone was finished with the curls in order to complete the swings together.

We finished with 10 burpees in cadence.

Mary- Huggers and arm circles of 10 on your own. Willie Mays back and forth stretching on your own for 10 and then reaching down in the middle touching the ground for 10 seconds.



COT– Prayer said

I was told this was a record attendance at 20 PAX today!!!!!!

Hank the Tank