BACKBLAST #467 A penny for your thoughts.

Date 8/11

AO: The stairs

Temp; 71″

PAX: Ketchup, Snoop, Kraut, Fng; Madoff, Hasselhoff, Cuddle Buddy, Pasty, Bald Eagle, Bart Simpson, Sub Zero, Qic; Forrest

Core principles and disclaimer mentioned


10 second leg raises, 10 second leg stretches

The Thang; The pax was instructed to mosey to the stairs, once at the stairs special instructions were stated. Qic had penny’s to dispose of. Each time the entire pax made it to the very top a penny would be dropped. The first time up coupons were brought along, while waiting for the six , individuals could either plank or pick up the six. The goal was to drop all 20 penny’s at the top, if not accomplished there would be a special reward at the bottom.

The pax made it through 7 complete trips. So they mosied back to the parking lot for their reward.

13 squats with coupons in cadence

13 lunges per leg (oyo)

13 – 4 count flutter kicks in cadence

Then back to the stairs for one last moment of pleasure, The pax was instructed to climb backwards up the stairs then come back down .. time expired.

Circle of Trust


Name – o -Rama

F3 , Announcements, September Iron Pax challenge

Prayers, for support for our children as they prepare to return to some form of school, and eachother for leading and being positive examples during this difficult time we live in.

Thanks for attending.