BACKBLAST #469 Hey, weight at the top of the stairs!

Date Friday, 8/14/20

Ao: black ops The stairs

Temp: 64″

In attendance: Mad Cow, Pasty, and QIC Forrest

Warm-o-Rama, Getting 50 lb sand bag to top of the stairs.

The Thang; climb stairs , once pax arrives to the top. Do 10 , sandbag curls, 10 sandbag overhead. Press, and 10 sandbag squats. Rinse and Repeat, you vs. You. Amrap.

Mad Cow , brought a 30 lb ruck, Forrest brought a 40 lb vest .

Some Mary; 10 American Hammers, 10 Freddy Mercury’s, and 10 Lbc’s

Good job gents, way to get after it.