Backblast # 487 Picnic at the zoo:

Date: 09/05/20

AO: John Ball Zoo , 7am

Temp: 63″ and cloudy

In Attendance; Snoop, Miss Daisy, Less, Lakers, Gravy, Launchpad, and (QIC) Forrest

Core Principles and Disclaimer ;

Warm-o Rama: Stretches, L,R,M, SSH, In cadence 30,

The Thang: Mosey to Hidden path, Bear Crawl up hill to outdoor pavilion

-Partner up, for picnic table press above head 10x , extra guy does big boys rotating till everyone gets a chance or 2.

-picnic table bench press 10x , pax assistance required to start then planking throughout, and rotating

– single table above shoulder press 20 x oyo

-oyo step ups on table 20 per leg , 40 total

– table bench squats (oyo) x100

-box jumps 1st level x 20 (oyo)

– Table leg lift lunge (oyo) 15 per leg

– Derkins in cadence x 20

-Tri cep dips in cadence X20

-double box jumps 1st level and top of table (oyo) x 10

– jack knives 50 x (OYO)

One of the pax ,spilled merlot, won’t mention any names, lol . just ask one of those in attendance who are sworn a code of silence.

pax mosied down the private drive back to the begining of the hill, bear crawl back up, and crab walk back down

mosied back to the playground for some Mary

Mary included: 20 American Hammers, 20 leg raises, 20 lbc’s all in cadence

Circle of Trust;



Prayers for all those traveling this holiday weekend, including those attending Go Ruck.

Thanks for the opportunity ,Forrest