Backblast #488 – It’s a Race!

Date: 09/08/20

AO: Stairs: 5:30am

Temp: 57” and raining

In Attendance: Forest, Snoop, Pasty, Cuddle Buddy, Hoffa, Bart Simpson, Crosswalk (QIC)

Core Principles and Disclaimer

Warm-o-Rama: Mosey Lap, 15 SSH, 5 Burpees OYO

The Thang: Relay Races

-PAX were paired up, lined up and competed in races in pairs consisting of the following:

First Race: 10 running laps of a coned distance in parking lot (rougly 50 yards per lap) + 100 merkins

Second Race: 10 laps + 35 burpees

Third Race: 10 laps + 120 coupon curls

Fourth Race: 10 laps + 100 jump squats

Fifth Race: 10 laps + 1 bear crawl half lap

Sixth Race: 8 laps + 80 lunge split jumps

Final Race: For the last race, everyone competed as individuals- 30 merkins + 3 laps



Circle of Trust