AO: Ideal park,

Date: 10/22/20

Temp: 46″ heavy precipitation

In attendance Mad Cow, Steamroller, Yardsale, and QIC Forrest


Warm-o-Rama: simple stretches, 10 seconds, L,R,M. and parking lot tracers

THE THANG: pax instructed to retain water in mouth while performing 5 burpees, bear crawl over bridges, and 10 merkins, then spit water out and mosey to statue and do 10 tricep dips. Then mosey to other Bridge, performing same task . Rinse and repeat. The water in mouth thing didn’t work . But still completed 3× around.

Mosey , 10 incline merkins and 10 decline merkins

Mosey to basketball courts, performing 20 Big boys, 25 American Hammers, and 15 flutter kicks

Ran 1 more mile for cool down

Total ground covered 2.6 miles.


Name -o-Rama

Thanks for the opportunity