Backblast #534 We welcome Mulva.

DATE: 10/27/20

AO: The stairs:

TEMP: 37″

IN ATTENDANCE: Gravy, Mad Cow, Bart Simpson, LP, Splitter, Cuddle Buddy, and QIC Forrest

Core principles and disclaimer;

Warm-o-Rama: 25 SSH, 15 of each ,arm circles forward and reverse, 15 seal claps, 15 overhead claps

The Thang: Indian run front 2 pax carrying Mulva, well last pax member performed 2 merkins, changed to 3 to make it more challenging. Pax ran 1/2 mile then carried Mulva up stairs. Mulva was greedy and wanted Gravy all to herself.

At top of stairs 5 burpees oyo. Then more indian run same process. 3/4 mile , 10 merkins, then picked up the 6 , 10 more merkins. In cadence.

Mary; 20 Big Boys, 20 American Hammers, 20 Freddy Mercury’s. All in cadence



Thanks for the opportunity, Forrest