Backblast #545 A round and round we go:

Date: Thursday November 5th

AO: Ideal park

Temp: 54*

Core principles and disclaimer:

IN ATTENDANCE: Hoffa , Yard sale. Steamroller, Cross Walk , and QIC Forrest

Warm-o-Rama: leg stretches, shoulder stretch, warm up jog around parking lot.

The Thang: pax would do 10 of an exercise oyo and repeat lap around the parking lot. Rinse and Repeat until finished. The list of exercises were as follows, 10 of each: merkins, burpees, big boys, SSH, squats, American Hammers, lunges,flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury’s, LBC’S, PLANK JACKS,and coupon curls. Before all that Colt 45s were done. The pax also would repeat the list till time expired. 2 plus miles of running were accomplished.

Mary was done throughout the workout, so the Q determined more colt 45s were neccessary.

Thanks for the opportunity. Forrest