BackBlast #548-A Nice Warm Morning for a Run and Some Core Work


Preblast via Slack 11/8/20

I have the Q tomorrow morning at Johnson Park.  It will be a typical Johnson Park workout with running and exercises along the way.  Let’s get out there and get our week started off right.  Please HC below.

AO-Johnson Park

61 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 5 PAX.  Bald Eagle, Ralphie BasicBro, Pasty, and Less (QIC)


-15 count toe touch

-Spread the legs 15 count down to the left toe, 15 count down to the right toe

-Standing groin stretch-15 count

-Calf stretches-15 count each leg

-Motivators from 6 to 1 and back up to 6

The Thang

-Ran the trail along the hilly loop behind Johnson Park.  Along the way the pax stopped to do the following exercises:

1. 15 flutter kicks in cadence into 15 scissors in cadence

2. 15 American Hammer kicks in cadence.  These were American Hammers and after you twist each way you kick your legs out in front of you and bring them back in.  Twist left is one, twist right is two, kick the legs out is three, bring the legs back in and everyone counts one.

3. 16 flutter kicks in cadence into 16 scissors in cadence

4. 16 American Hammer kicks in cadence

5. 50 big boy situps

6. 20 flutter kicks in cadence into 20 scissors in cadence

7. 20 American Hammer kicks in cadence

-When the pax got back to the AO they did two more exercises

1. Circle of doom with Catalina Wine Mixers replacing the merkins.  Each pax did one Catalina wine mixer going around in a circle counting upwards.  When a pax could no longer go on, they would drop out, and everyone else would continue.  The pax made it up to 50 catalina wine mixers. 

2. 50 big boy situps


The Christmas Party this year will be at Cuddle Buddy’s place.  This will give us plenty of opportunity to socially distance.

-Pasty will be moving to Kalamazoo soon.  Wish him luck when you see him.

-The new AO started this past Saturday out in Holland.  The Tulip is in town for two months and is trying to get his friends out there to get it going with the hopes that they will take it from there.  Some good numbers would help to build energy and excitement around it, so anybody that could make it out there on Saturdays and show their support would help.  I live on the way out there for most of you and am willing to drive if you want to ride along.




More or Less,