Backblast #559 7 Card Stud with Coupons.

AO: Centennial Park, Holland, Michigan

DATE: 11/21/20 TEMP: 38″

IN ATTENDANCE: Basic Bro, Hoffa, Bull Moose, The Tulip, Less, Red Eye, and QIC Forrest

Core principles and disclaimer:

Warm-o-Rama: 10 second leg stretches and mosey lap

THE THANG: coupons and cards introduced to Holland AO: Each suit would Represent an exercise.

❤ = American Hammers or Flutter Kicks

💎 = Merkins

Clubs= Coupon curls

♠️ = Over head press

Rules of engagement were explained ,

Aces would be worth 15 reps

Face cards would be worth 10 reps

Numbered cards ,said value 2 through 9

JOKERS 25 Burpees

Each pax would pick a card and call the exercise.

(Example) Ace of diamonds = 15 merkins

After each pax had their pick of the cards a mosey lap was performed.

Rinse and Repeat

pax covered 2 miles and had several opportunities to learn the counting and calling out the exercises.

Mary: newest pax member drew a card , Bull Moose picked 8 of diamonds.

8- Big Boys, 8 American Hammers, and 8 Flutter kicks all in cadence.

Thanks , all who attended.

Yours truly Forrest.