Backblast # 567. A slow crawl through the cave.

DATE: 11/28/20

AO: The zoo, 7am

TEMP: 28″

Core principles and disclaimer:

In attendance: Soft Spot, Mad Cow, Hoffa, Cold Cuts, and QIC Forrest

Warm-o-Rama: 25 SSH in cadence, 10 second leg stretches,

The Thang: mosey to rocks, for 20 tricep dips. Mosey back to pick up the late addition. More stretches, 15 cherry pickers, mosey back to rocks for 15 tricep dips , and 20 derkins .

Now we mosey to the Tunnel, Today would be an uphill battle. Pax was instructed to bear crawl up the tunnel, but stop every 6 crawls and do 6 merkins. About a 3rd of the way up modifications were made , lunges every 6 and 6 squats to give arms a break, then the final heat back to bear crawls. When the tunnel was clear of pax, the pax headed to the crooked stairs. Climbed the stairs and back down. Then the pax went up backwards

Then we mosied again, to a dead end street where we performed, 20 big boys, 20 slow count AmericanHammers, and 20 flutterkicks.

We mosied again to anothe dead end street and performed 20 derkins.

We mosied back to The Tunnel and Crab walked down, then ran back to the AO. On the way back we stopped by the pond and did 25 more tricep dips

6 minutes of Mary:

Each pax called out an excercise, Cold Cuts, 10- 4 count merkins , Mad Cow, big boy ww2’s, Soft Spot, 10 starfish crunches and Hoffa , 10 Heels to heaven

Thanks for the opportunity Forrest.