Backblast #576 F3 Homerun derby.

AO: The stairs:

DATE: 12/08/20

Temp :36″

Core principles and Disclaimer

Warm-o-Rama: Leg stretches, arm circle, and SSH 15 in cadence.

The Thang: mosey up stairs,(aka bleachers) at top plank for the 6, mosey to baseball fields for homerun derby.

Pax was explained the rules for the contest:

You had to make it to each base, using a different travel method. Example, (bear crawl, sprint, run backwards, lunge) then perform exercises at each base.

1st base = 15 merkins

2nd base= 15 sit ups

3rd =15 squats

Home 15 burpees

Each pax made 3 trips around the bases for a grand total of 15 homeruns.

Thanks for the opportunity Forrest.