Backblast # 587 -4 on 4 F3 Basketball w/coupons;

AO: Ideal Park

TEMP: 30″

Core principles and disclaimer:

In attendance: Ketchup, Mad Cow, Snoop, Crosswalk, Yard Sale, Toto, Florida man, and QIC Forrest.

Warm-o-Rama: 40 SSH in cadence, simple leg stretches, mosey lap to basketball courts and back

The Thang: pax counted off by 2, forming 2 teams. Coupons were carried over head back to the court. They were placed mid court.

Making a basket was explained, each team would line up under there respective baskets.

Scoring- 15 – big boys, 15 American Hammers, / bear crawl to mid court. 20 overhead presses, 20 curls/ crab walk rest of court, 30 lunges, 30 squats= completing all this was 2 points. All 4 players had to get across for the basket to count.

The game ended in a 12/12 tie. So coupons needed to come back to the start they were carried over head back to the start.

Mary: 25 Lbc’s in cadence, and 20 flutter kicks

Thanks for the opportunity, yours truly Forrest