Backblast #594 Miles and Merkins.

Date: 12/26/20

AO: The zoo

Temp: 25″


ATTENDANCE: welcome Fng (Point Break), Cold Cuts, Miss Daisy, Mad Cow, Soft Spot, Gravy, Ralphie, Red Eye, and QIC Forrest

Warm-o-Rama:: 30 SSH in cadence, 10 seconds stretches of the legs. 30 SSH in cadence

The Thang: Pax would mosey 4miles, stopping every block, to do merkins, if the block had a stop sign the pax would do 10 merkins and plank for the six, common streets 5 merkins, streets with traffic signals merkins till the light changed.from whatever it was on when the pax arrived.

Mary: 10 big boys, 15 American Hammers, 20 flutter kicks

Thanks for the opportunity Forrest.