Backblast #596 – No Shirt, No Pants, No Problem

Preblast via Slack 12/30/20

Last workout of the year! Can you dig it? I hope so as we will be doing everything we can to get your old butt looking as good as possible for 2021. 
2021 will surely involve lots more time socializing and I bet you will want to be shirtless for most of it. 
HC below to ensure that shirtless you is proud in 2021. 
Coupons required – 5:30 at the Track.

AO-Hospital Hill

24 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 9 PAX – Forrest, Hasselholf, Bobby Flay, Catan, Madoff, Mad Cow, Snoop, Bart Simpson, Miss Daisy


Mosey Lap
Active stretches
-Hip openers 
-Heel to sunrise 
Stance switches 
20 lunges 
10 merkins 
5 burpees


DORA – One partner stays in the middle of the field, other partner heads to one end of the field and completes “NO SHIRT” exercises then heads back to middle. Partner who was in the middle of the field then goes and completes “NO SHIRT” exercises. Partner runs back and then partners alternate completing “NO PANTS” exercises. Partner in the middle holds coupon overhead or in a weighted squat. If the partner in the middle fails in their hold they complete three burpees. Repeat cycle until time is called.

NO SHIRT Exercises:
-Overhead press x 10
-Merkins x 20
-Coupon curls x 20
-Upright rows x 10

NO PANTS Exercises:
Jump squats x 20
5 step agility sprints x 10
Split jumps x 20
Speed skater jumps x 10


Circle burp
Flutter Kicks x 15
V-Sits x 15

Static Stretches