Backblast #597 – F3 10 Year Anniversary Workout


DATE: 1/1/21
AO: Manhattan Park
QIC: Snoop, Kraut, Madcow
PAX: Bald Eagle, Hasselhoff, Toto, Red Eye, Soft Spot, Bart Simpson, Miss Daisy
Pre-Blast: The first F3 workout was on 1/1/11 in North Carolina, making tomorrow morning the 10 year anniversary of this crazy thing. We will be doing the original workout led on 1/1/11, but it wasn’t hard enough for the PAX of F3 Grand Rapids, so @MAD COW , @Kraut, and I added some extra spice to make sure you felt like getting up at 7AM on New Years was worth it. HC below for a workout at 7AM at Manhattan Park

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer: This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout. I am not a professional. I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to. The most important thing is that you don’t get hurt, and that you finish. Remember, the workout should be you vs you.          

WARM-o-RAMA – Mosey around Manhattan Park.

We pulled the inspiration for this workout from OBT’s backblast for the 1/1/11 workout (Posted here:


  • Merkin/American Pushups X10
  • Wide-Arm Pushups X10
  • Diamond Pushups X10
  • Partner / Inclined Pushups X10

Modified portion after above:
Snoop set up cones in the parking lot about 50 feet apart and we were going to do the same Merkin variations at each sides of the cones. Modes of travel would change between the cones to do each Merkin variant:

Lunges and stoping every 2 lunges for a burpee | Merkin
Crap Walks and stopping every 4 hand movements | Wide Arm Merkins
Sprint | Diamond Merkins
Burpee Broad Jump | Inclined Merkins

2 Laps


  • Knee-Up +The Dolly
  • Flutter Kick
  • The Little Baby Crunch

Modified portion after above:

Kraut got out the F3 Workout deck and quizzed the PAX on core principals, credo, and mission. When a wrong answer was given, a card was drawn from a portion of the deck with high value cards. When a right answer was given, a card was drawn from a portion of the deck with low value cards.

2 Laps


  • 10 Side-Straddle Hops (IC)
  • 10 Squat Thrust – as shown in Exicon (IC)
  • 10 Squat Thrust – as done in MAD COW’s gym class (IC)
  • 10 Mountain Climbers (IC)

Modified portion after above:

  • 10 Little Man in the Woods aka Smurf Jacks (IC)
  • 10 Ballerina Squats (IC)
  • 10 Mt. Merkin Climbers (10)
  • 10 Plank Jacks (IC)
  • 10 Sally Struthers Squats (IC)
  • 10 Mt. Climbers (IC)
  • Motivators – from 4 (IC)
  • 10 Burpees (IC)

1 Lap

We ran to Manhattan Road where there was a American Flag at the top of the hill. From the 1/1/11 workout, Snoop read the following:

Qrusaders (if you last),

Blood, Sweat, Toil & Beer (to bastardize a great phrase) will breed a deep regard called Brotherhood. If you give yourselves to this endeavor, you will find it, and it will find you. I hope you reach a point today or next Saturday – where you want to quit. So, in the union of men, “you against you” becomes a public and/or common struggle. It’s here you will see there is much more in you that you’ve withheld – or in your weakness you’ve rationalized away.

It’s time, but if you don’t care, we won’t care either. What’s it gonna be, son??’’

We finished the workout with a Jacob’s Ladder on that hill, increasing the number of burpees done at the top of each hill sprint to 5.

Circle of Trust (CoT)

F3-specific Announcements

  • F3GR 2021 Stair Challenge starts TODAY. Sign up and log your stairs trips through 2021 here:
  • See Hoffa’s post in the #RANDOM slack channel if you want to throw out a F3 resolution for 2021.

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