BackBlast #599-A Birthday Knockout


Preblast via Slack 12/31/20

Posting this a day early, but in case you want to sleep off your New Years celly’s, Less and I have you covered with our Birthday Co-Q Special on Saturday 7AM at the Zoo.  Wanna do both?  Think of tomorrow’s anniversary beatdown as a crushing hook, and ours is the haymaker to finish you off.  HC here to muscle up for 2021!  Bring coupons

AO-The Zoo

28 degrees with no precipitation but plenty of snow on the ground

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 10 PAX.  Bald Eagle, Ralphie, Mad Cow, Cold Cuts, Point Break, Forrest, Snoop, Red Eye, Bullwinkle (Co QIC) and Less (Co QIC)


-Less started things off with the following:

-10 second stretches down to the toes

-Spread the legs and 10 second stretches to the right, left, and middle

-10 second standing groin stretch

-10 arm circles in cadence into 15 overhead claps in cadence into 15 seal claps in cadence

-The combined age of Bullwinkle and Less at their birthday will be 82, so the next exercise was themed around that.  The pax started by doing motivators from 8 to 1 and then did 2 blockees.  They then did motivators from 7 and then 3 blockees.  Motivators from 6 and 4 blockees.  Motivators from 5 and 5 blockees.  The goal was to get to Motivators from 2 and 8 blockees.  However, for time’s sake, the pax moved on.

The Thang

-Bullwinkle led the Thang and started by moseying to the hidden hill.

-The pax then moseyed up the hill while stopping along the way to do some timed exercises.  At about halfway the pax stopped and did as many merkins as they could do in 1 minute and remembered their number. At about 3 quarters the way the pax stopped and did as many squats as they could do in 1 minute and remembered their number.  At the far end of the circle at the top the pax stopped and did as many big boy situps as they could do in 1 minute.  They then moseyed back to the start of the circle.

-The pax then proceeded to their number of merkins that they had done previously at the start of the circle.  They then did one leg alternating bounds to the other end of the circle and did their number of squats that they had done previously.  They then moseyed back to the start of the circle.  They completed this rotation 4 times around.

-When everyone finished the four rotations, the pax planked for a time period that I can’t remember, but I think it was about a minute and a half.

-The pax then moseyed back down the hill and headed towards the AO.


-Less stopped everyone a little short of the AO so they could get in some time for Mary.

-30 Big Boy Situps

-20 American Hammers in cadence. Put your gloves out to the side a little ways and try to touch them with both hands on each twist.

-Circle of Doom (The pax made it to 82 merkins)




Thank you for celebrating our Birthday with us,

Bullwinkle and Less