Backblast #604 Roll the Dice 🎲!

PRE BLAST: @channel tomorrow 7am Centennial Park is calling your name. HC HERE! . Be there or settle for your bed or the zoo, both are easier than the pill you’ll have to swallow in Holland :flag-nl:! SYITG

AO: Centennial Park, Holland, Mi.

TEMP; 16″

In attendance, Slap Stick, Tugger, Sugar Ray, Hummingbird, and QIC Forrest

Core principles and disclaimer

Warm-o-Rama: SSH x 20, 10 second leg stretches , 10 second leg lift stretches, SSH x 20, and 20 merkins.

THE THANG; Pax would mosey to a parking lot for a 1 minute AMRAP of 6 different exercises. 6 . BURPEES. 5. Merkins. 4.AMERICAN HAMMERS. 3. Flutter kicks 2. LUNGES . 1. Squats. Then the Di. Was introduced. Pax would mosey to the street crossing, at every street the Di was rolled by Slap Stick. For 2 plus miles. PAX stopped along the way to do 20 Tricep dips. Also if the pax crossed the street without performing the task 5 penalty Burpees would be performed.

Prayers for everyone with this virus intensifying, thanks for health , and eachother.

Thanks for the opportunity. FORREST