BACKBLAST #647 Mary’s Thunder merkins

AO: The stairs

DATE: 03/09/21

TEMP: 34*

In attendance; Splitter , LP, Ketchup, and QiC Forrest

Core principles and disclaimer:

WARM-O-RAMA : Leg stretches, arm stretches, and 40 SSH

Mosey lap and 20 Merkins ( in Cadence)

THE THANG: pax would mosey to painted wall at the bottom of the stairs. Where Al Gore was held for the 6 to arrive.

So each person would perform 10, 15, 20 (bottom) merkins, and Big Boys at ( top) increasing each time the trip up and down the stairs . When completed pax would wall sit for the 6. Then head back to the parking lot.

Finally ACDC Thunderstruck merkins .

MARY; 10 American Hammers, 10 Big Boys, and 10 Flutter kicks

Thanks for the opportunity Forrest