Backblast #659 Dolly’s -workin 9-2-5

AO: The Tulip 7am

Date: 03/27/21

TEMP :37″

IN ATTENDANCE: 7 pax , Kenny G, Slap Stick, Red Eye, Tugger, Enron, Hummingbird, and QIC Forrest.



Simple leg stretches, 11 count arm circles and reverse arm circles, seal claps, and over head claps.


THE THANG: The pax would run around the block , stopping at each corner to perform 9 merkins, 2 burpees, and 5 – 4 count lunges. This would occur 3 × around the block.

Next Thunderstruck merkins were performed.

There was lots of time left pax would mosey for a bit to a busy area in Holland to perform 20 monkey humpers very slow cadence.

Now we would learn what mercans were all about we would run a block perform 1 merkin, then another 2 and keep going all the way to 7 merkins. On the way we climbed stairs backwards and bearcrawled down 2 ×

Then back to the AO for some more Dolly’s 9-2-5.

Finally we felt the need to bring Sally up and have enough time left for Mary

MARY: 10 slow Big Boys, 20 American Hammers, and 15 4 count Flutter kicks.

Thanks for the opportunity, Forrest