BackBlast #660-What’s That Bright Thing Up Ahead?


Preblast via Slack 3/28/21

I have the Q tomorrow morning at Johnson Park.  We will be running the trails and doing exercises.  Please HC below.

AO-Johnson Park

27 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 4 PAX.  Gravy, Ralphie, Bald Eagle, and Less (QIC)


-10 count stretch down to the toes

-Right foot over left touch the toes 10 count and flap jack

-10 count standing groin stretch

-10 count calf stretch each leg

-10 mountain climbers in cadence

-10 high knees in cadence

-Motivators from 6 to 1

The Thang

-The pax ran the loop around the park starting by going to the west end of the park and up the big hill and around.  Along the way the pax did the following exercises:

1. 20 mountain climbers in cadence

2. 20 high knees in cadence

3. Motivators from 12 to 1

4. 20 mountain hops in cadence

-When the pax got around the loop and back out by the road they turned to go a little extra distance on the trail along Butterworth away from the parking lot.  Along the way they came across a very bright object coming toward them.  No, it wasn’t Jesus.  It was Bald Eagle fresh off his extra 15 minutes of sleep with his extra reflective gear.  So, the pax picked him up and went to the top of the hill by the bench and did high knees and each time Less said down, they did a burpee.  The pax did 10 burpees in total.  They then ran back to the AO.


-53 flutter kicks in cadence

-1 minute chillcut plank




More or Less,