Backblast #672 – Tour de Beatdown


DATE: 4.15.2021
AO: Ideal Park
QIC: Keto
PAX: Snoop, Yard Sale, Toto, Bear Hug

5 Core Principles and Disclaimer were recited


Pax moseyed around the park following the path they would be using for the Thang. Along the way we stopped at the various stations to post the exercise sheets and perform some Merkins, Pickle Pointers (at the Love Shack of course), and Squats.

The Thang

5 Stations were established and an exercise sheet posted at each station. Pax partnered up. Partner 1 does exercise AMRAP while partner 2 does coupon carry to next station, drops the coupon, and heads back slick to relieves partner 1 and flip flop.  When partner 1 gets back, both run to next station. Continue in order until Omaha. 1st group of partners went to station 1, 2nd went to station 3. YHC executed a modified version of cycle solo.

Station 1 (Creek Overlook): Rd 1 – Bench step-ups, Rd 2 – Broad jumps

Station 2 (North Bridge): Rd 1 – Merkins, Rd 2 – Dips

Station 3 (Love Shack): Rd 1 – Wall Sit, Rd 2 – Squats

Station 4 (Bomb Shelter): BOMBS (5 each Burpees, Overhead Claps, Merkins, BBS, Squats)

Station 5 (Playground): Rd 1 – Pull ups, Rd 2 – Chin ups (utilize negatives when failure reached)

Everyone got through about 1 1/2 cycles. Nice work men!


BBS x10 + Flutterkicks x15

  • Count-O-Rama
  • Name-O-Rama
  • F3-specific Announcements 
    • Toto and Keto have jumped in to help with communications and social media efforts for F3GR.
    • Freestyle Friday tomorrow!
    • Prayers needed for Sam (5th grade neighbor to Bear Hug and Keto) for bad infection in heel bone. Also Hot Mic’s new 2.0 arrived last night!
  • Ball of Man (BOM)