Backblast #784 – Its a start

AO: The Stairs
Workout Date: 10/05/2021
PAX: Chubbs, Toto, Soft Spot, Bart Simpson, Snoop, Gravy
Pre-Blast: YHC is on Q @ the Stairway To Heaven. No coupons necessary. SYITG.

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust

Warm Up:

  • Various Stretching
  • 25 SSH (IC)
  • 25 SSH (IC)
  • 25 SSH (IC)
  • 25 SSH (IC)

The Thang:

Gravy has challenged the PAX at The Stairway to Heaven to start bringing new exercises to the AO. Challenge accepted.

From the AO run to the Stairs and then immediate make our way UP.

  • 20 Imperial Squat Walkers (IC) –  Cruel cousin of the Imperial Walker. This 4-count exercise starts with hands clasp on head. Count 1 = a squat. Count 2 = stand up and bring one knee up to the opposite elbow. Count 3 = a squat. Count 4 = stand up, other knee to other elbow. Q should be mindful to count at a pace that allows/encourages a nice, deep squat. Rushing the count produces girly squats.

Down the stairs and run to underneath the bridge (longer than anticipated ;).

Pax were demonstrated the following exercise and then once done, instructed to run to the top of the stairs to the yield sign, walk back, and then pick up the six and/or plank.

  • 20 Animal Style Squats (OYO) – This exercise instructs pax to get in the “throw-up position” (hands on knees), do a squat in that position, perform a burpee from there, then get back to throw up position to count for one squat. Q makes the call on time or repetitions.

Now at the top of the stairs, the following exercise was done:

  • 7 Failure to Launch (IC) – Hold Al Gore while Q counts down from 10. At Lift-Off, explode up into a tuck jump, immediately returning to Al Gore upon landing. Repeat until (in our case) all PAX have had a chance to countdown.

NOTE: At this point, a skunk has made its presence known…So, the PAX descended the stairs for the last time. Mosey over to the wall… For:

  • 10 Mike Tyson (IC) – Place your feet against a curb or wall while in a plank position. Contract the legs for a horizontal squat. (1) Extend legs (2) Perform a Merkin (3) Return to starting position (4) or one rep.

Again, due to skunk…head back to AO for:

  • Pump Jacks – Pax pair up and get in plank position. The Q chooses a number of merkins (we used 5) per set. Pax 1 does 5 merkins while pax 2 planks, then switch. Continue alternating merkins and planking until one pax in the pair reaches merkin failure. After failure each pair gets up and lunge walks in circles around the other pax pairs until the last team reaches failure. The pairs must encourage and push each other and then encourage others while lunge walking. Last team to fail wins. Named pump jack because all the pax going up and down during merkins looks like a field full of oil wells with pump jacks, and you are pumped when it is over. Proper merkin form must be used by all. With an uneven number of pax the Q does merkins on his own.

We did a set of 5 as explained above… New partners for a set of 3 merkins… Then ended the workout with BBS’s in replacement of the merkin.

Gravy won “PAX of the day” due to quivering legs during the Pump Jacks.

Moo Mother F’ers,