Backblast #801 – The Unknown

AO: Manhattan Park
Workout Date: 10/19/2021
QIC: Soft Spot
PAX: Madoff, Bobby Flay, Rain Maker
Pre-Blast: Manhattan Park is calling all HIMs. Here is what’s known. F3 is… Free of Charge Open to all Men Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold Led in a rotating fashion by Men who participate Ends in a Circle of Trust Starts on time and Ends on Time HC and join the unknown Bring a coupon. Head Lamp recommended.

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust

The PAX gathered in the cool gloom answering the call. Ready for the unknown we circled up and ready to get after it.


  • SSH (4ct) x 20
  • Arm Circles (4ct) x 13, Flapjack
  • Imperial Walkers (4ct) x 12
  • Mountain Climbers (4ct) x 12
  • Calf Stretch x 10 seconds each leg
  • Mosey

We took off towards the road and down the hill. As we turned the corner, YHC kept an eye out for the train. When we reached it we turned up and straight into the gloom of the forest.  We came to an opening at the base of the hill.

The Thang

The PAX circled up at the base of the hill.

  • Burpees x 10

Once we finished our Burpees we took off for another mosey up the hill back to the AO. The PAX Collected the coupons.  We Went back to the hill performing,

  • Overhead Coupon Carry
  • Farmers Carry Right hand
  • Farmers Carry Left hand

We got to the top near a post YHC broke down the next set that was to be OYO.

  • Murder Bunnies ( Roughly 25 Yds from post to sign)
  • Merkin Coupon Pull Through (4ct) x 10
  • Murder Bunnies (Roughly 25 Yds from Sign to post)
  • Down the hill
  • BBS x 10
  • Up the hill

Rinse and repeat a second time

  • Coupon Squat Thruster x 10
  • Run (post to sign)
  • BBS x 10
  • Down the hill
  • Flutter Kicks (4ct) x 10
  • Burpees x 5
  • Up the hill

Rinse and Repeat a second time

The PAX gathered at the top for a coupon walk back to the AO

  • Farmers Carry Right hand
  • Farmers Carry Left hand
  • Overhead Carry

We got back to the AO and had some time left for Mary.


Rain Maker gave us a 10 count then we moved into exercises with no rest in between.

  • LBC (4ct) x 20
  • Flutter Kick (4ct) x 20
  • StarFish Crunch (4ct)

After we finished we ended with a minute of Stretching with a 10-second hold for each.

  • Butterfly stretch
  • Sitting leg stretch Right, Flapjack
  • Side Plank – Left-arm stretching up
  • Side Plank – Right-arm Stretching up

That’s  a Warp