Backblast #825 – The Quaternity

AO: Ideal Park
Workout Date: 12/02/2021
QIC: Toto
PAX: Mad Cow, Crotch Rocket, BasicBro, Gravy, Chubbs, Crosswalk
Pre-Blast: Tomorrow we’re throwing a party for The Quaternity: the union of four events in one. Join us at Ideal Park as we celebrate**: - The 1-Year Anniversary of YHC’s first post at F3 - The 1-Year Anniversary of @Yard Sale's VQ - YHC's 100th Post in 2021 - Kraut's 36th Birthday!! The only gift required is your HC below, your presence in The Gloom, and your coupons for the beatdown! **Both anniversaries and the birthday fall on December 3rd but are being celebrated on December 2nd this year

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust

Q tried a new method of affixing flag to shovel, and planted the new shovel at the AO in 5-7 mph winds to great success.


PAX stretched OYO while Q explained the Thang.


Q reviewed reasons for celebration, and explained each would be represented in the beatdown:

Exercises would be done in reps of 365 to celebrate Toto’s 1 Year F3 Anniversary or in reps of 100 to celebrate Toto’s 100th Post in 2021

The first part of the beatdown would celebrating Yard Sale’s VQ Anniversary by doing a variation on his VQ, which was a riff on Noah’s Ark completed on a field.

Kraut’s Birthday
would be celebrated throughout the beatdown by completing 36 Minutes of EMOM Burpees.  Instead of beeping every minute, the timer was setup to announce “Happy Birthday Kraut” every minute.  PAX would then stop wherever they were at, shout “Happy Birthday Kraut” and complete one burpee.  There was decreasing amounts of “Happy” as the beatdown wore on.

For the beatdown, PAX would complete reps of an exercise, do an animal-based mode of travel to get across the field, and then complete reps of a second exercise at the far end of the field. Wash, rinse, repeat.  The field was 100 ft long, exercises completed were:

– Merkins – 100 reps completed over 3 rounds
– Monkey Humper Ring of Fire – 365 reps completed over 5 rounds. During the Monkey Humper Ring of Fire, Crosswalk kept wondering whose birthday it was while we completed our EMOM Burpees.

Modes of travel completed were:

– Seal Crawl – a bear crawl using only your arms, your legs drag behind you.
  – 360 Bear Crawl – bear crawl while continually rotating 360 degrees
  – Bear & Block – bear crawl while dragging block
  – Frog Jump
– Crab & Block
– Crab Walk while dragging block
  – Bear Crawl
– Crab Walk
– Basilisk
Run – High knee sprint, like that lizard that can walk on water

Q had two more rounds of exercises planned, but these were scrubbed due to time.  Sometime around the Crab & Block, much mumble chatter was heard questioning why we are doing the EMOM if Kraut isn’t even at the beatdown.

PAX returned to AO to complete the following:

  – Coupon Squat Ring of Fire – 100 reps, at the 50th rep all PAX had to hold in a low squat while waiting for their rep.
  – Coupon OHP Ring of Fire – 100 reps, at the 25th rep all PAX had to hold coupon in rifle carry while waiting for their rep.  During this exercise, much mumble chatter was heard along the lines of “screw Kraut’s birthday” while completing EMOM Burpees.


  – Crunchy Frog – 100 reps, pausing at 50 to plank for a 10 second recovery.  PAX were invited to join Q in a 10 Second Cuddle Buddy Countdown (countdown while performing merkins). During this exercise, much mumble chatter was heard while completing EMOM Burpees thanking Kraut for having a birthday so we could get a break from Crunchy Frogs.

  – Indigenous Peoples Crab Walk – PAX on their 6, in a line, head-to-toe.  The PAX at the foot of the line Crab Walked to the head of the line while the remaining PAX completed LBC’s AMRAP.  PAX swapped to Plank to recover while Crosswalk completed his Crab Walk, and then continued LBC’s as next PAX started their Crab Walk.  Crosswalk was delighted that the Plank break happened while he was Crab Walking, he definitely did not want to have to take a break from LBC’s.

After all PAX had a turn Crab Walking, PAX completed the last 6 EMOM burpees at once, but modified up to Blockees.




– Welcome back Basic Bro!!

Circle of Trust (CoT)

When you have something good and beneficial in your life, try not to compartmentalize it.  If possible, engrain it into the fabric of your life.  I have benefited from F3 over the last year, and that was amplified when I brought the principles of F3 to my home, my job, my friendships and my church.  My family is rucking with me, my kids do “monkey bumpers” at the bus stop, my kids are challenging each other to take on leadership roles in our areas of confidence.  Find ways to take the blessings you’ve received and impress them in other areas of your life.

~What would you do with a brain if you had one?~