Backblast #828 – Ants in My Eyes Johnson (Park)

AO: Johnson Park
Workout Date: 12/06/2021
QIC: Toto
PAX: Chubbs, Ralphie
Pre-Blast: I'm Ants in My Eyes Johnson (Park) here at Ants in My Eyes Johnson's (Park) Electronics. I mean, there's so many ants in my eyes and there's so many space merkins, hands of time, railroad tracks...I think. I can't....I'm not 100% sure what we have here in stock because I can't see anything! Our prices, I hope, aren't too low! Check out this happy jack, only $200! What about this edge of your seat, only $100, that's fair! I'm Ants in My Eyes Johnson (Park), everything's black, I can't see a thing and also I can't feel anything either, did I mention that? But that's not as catchy as having ants in your eyes. *I have no idea what Toto is talking about, I should probably click this link to find the reference* Johnson Park, 0530, no coupons, HC below

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust


Sun God
Flying Sun God


PAX moseyed to the pavilion and each claimed a table for a modified DORA.  Instead of accumulating reps between partners, all PAX would complete reps OYO until one PAX completed the pre-determined number of reps.  Then all PAX would stop that exercise and run 500 meters at their own pace.  Once back at the pavilion, PAX would immediately start next exercise. Wash, rinse, repeat.  For instance, one exercise was 75 squats.  All PAX would squat OYO and count their own reps. Ralphie is the first one to get to 75 reps, so he shouts out the rep count and all PAX immediately start the 500m run, regardless of where they were in their own rep count.

Exercises, Reps and PAX who completed reps first:

Merkins and Space Merkins – 50 reps each, Chubbs completed first
Monster Jams  (aka Edge of Your Seat) – 75 reps, Ralphie completed first
  Squats75 reps, Chubbs completed first

For final round, PAX completed each exercise back-to-back and then embark on final run:

Merkins and Space Merkins20 reps each, ??? completed first
  Monster Jams 
– 30 reps, Toto completed first
  Squats – 30 reps, Toto completed first
Run – then return to AO

When beginning first round of Space Merkinsboth Chubbs and Toto quickly realized that they had yet to even remotely recover from Mad Cow’s Bye Bye Arms beatdown on Saturday at the Zoo.

Space Merkins and Monster Jams are exercises Toto has been doing at home for years and is testing out at F3.  Come to a future Toto beatdown to learn what they are and try them out for yourselves (you’re sworn to silence Chubbs and Ralphie)


   Hands of Time – PAX circled up on their 6 with their heads towards the center of the circle.  PAX laid flat on their back with their legs together and raised up to approximately a 90 degree angle.  To complete a rep, the first PAX would lower their legs to 6″ above the ground, and then bring them back to up 90 degrees. Next PAX would then do the same, and so on, creating a “wave” around the circle of legs going up and down.  100 reps completed, many groans were heard.

CBL – Opposite of the LBC.  PAX on their 6, laying flat. Q would call “Up”, and PAX would keep their back on the ground while bringing their knees up to the LBC position, and then back down to count the rep.  50 reps completed, with Q switching up the last 5 reps to be done in a slow cadence to maximize burn.




Circle of Trust (CoT)

Toto and his M are working with their oldest 2.0 (13 years old) on recognizing who she is, building confidence, and sharing her gifts and talents with those around her.  Ralphie shared insight on how children’s brains develop  in infancy and again in their teenage years, and the struggle with knowing who they are through those changes.

Prayers for:

Bald Eagle on his test results and enlarged spleen. PAX questioned what a spleen even does, Toto shared his knowledge of the movie Mystery Men and the superhero The Spleen

Less and his quarantine

Snoop’s mom, Robin, who has shown signs of improvement since the discovery of the restrictive bands in her colon, but still has a long road ahead.