Backblast #841 Billy Madison and THE Him Chain

AO: The Zoo
Workout Date: 01/08/2022
QIC: Chubbs
PAX: Kraut, Hoffa, Hasselhoff, Hank The Tank, Snoop, Gravy, Bald Eagle, Mad Cow
Pre-Blast: It is time! The HIM chain will be passed on to the next PAX tomorrow at the Zoo! It's my VQ at the Zoo so HC and help me choose the adventure! 1) 1990s classic Comedy (no coupon) Or 2) 2000s classic cartoon (w/ coupon) HCs with your vote!

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust


  • Hoffa insisting we keep moving! (Great Call)
  • 20x SSH IC
  • Mosey around Zoo entrance as the route to the front lot, and the lot itself, was not plowed!

The Thang

Inspired by Billy Madison’s journey back through school, mosey a distance and exercise per grade.  We moseyed to different, accessible locations, followed by an exercise with 12 reps as the exam. This concludes 1st grade. Moseyed to a new location, followed by the 1st grade exercise x 12 reps plus a new exercise x 12 reps. This concludes 2nd grade. Continued adding locations and an exercises each time until we completed 10 grades.

Exercises: Plank, BBS, Merkin, Jump Squat, SSH, Mountain Climber, LBC, Burpee, Lunge, Shoulder Taps


  • The 11th grade exercise: Cheerleader x12 IC




THE Him Chain was passed on to a PAX that always gives his all and pushes himself and other PAX.  158 posts and 31Qs in 2021!  Mad Cow!!!


It’s all in the hips!