Backblast #860 – That’s ENOUGH Weight.

AO: Ideal Park
Workout Date: 02/10/2022
QIC: Snoop
PAX: Anastasia, Toto, Hoffa, Mad Cow, Chubbs
Pre-Blast: Alright gents, tomorrow the HIM chain is moving on to the next deserving PAX @ Ideal Park. I've got some fun things planned you'll want to be there. We are gonna move some heavy stuff some distance and get a few mini WODs. HC below and SYITG! Coupons required!

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust

YHC laid out the following weight in hopes that all that HC/SC’d to the workout would post totaling 305lbs prior to any coupons joining the party :
Jerry Can with 5 Gallons of Water – 45lbs
40lb Sandbag
60lb Sandbag
80lb Sandbag X2

After 4 coupons we were sitting at 445lbs of total weight.

Mosey around the parking lot
A few stretches

Movement: The 4 coupons were put in a row on two wall studs (140lbs) and carried by two PAX using a traditional “Log Carry” method. We moved all the weight from the AO to the bathroom facility across the river.

Exercise: Partner up and do 75 Merkins as a team incrementing 5 at a time per PAX. Hold plank wile partner performs merkins.

Movement: Bring all the stuff back to the AO

WOD: This was a circuit where the PAX farmer carrying the Jerry Can sets when the PAX switches to the next circuit.
Jerry Can: Farmer carry around the parking lot
40lb Sandbag: AMRAP merkin pull-throughs
60lb Sandbag: AMRAP Blockees
80lb Sandbag: AMRAP Weighted Squat
The last station was partner squat to overhead presses with the two studs and a single block on each stud. Much mumble chatter was had when PAX got into the second round of doing these as you had to do it back-to-back.

We made it two ~ two cycles of the circuit

We then grabbed some weight and started t duck walk around the parking lot. That transitioned into bear crawl sandbag drags, then lunge walks.

The last movement was two PAX were to carry the “log” around the parking lot with ~200lbs (3 coupons, 40lb sandbag, 60lb sandbag). The remaining PAX were to do AMRAP burpees while waiting for the two PAX to return. YHC was not watching the time close enough and it was realized that there was only time for 1 trip around the lot, which Hoffa and Toto knocked out.

HIM Chain was awarded to Hoffa for the following reasons:

  • Hoffa took an 80lb sandbag when doing duck walks
  • Hoffa choose to be the first in line for bear crawl sandbag drags
  • Hoffa stepped up and got under the heavy “log” towards the end of the beatdown for a lap around the parking lot.


Drop it Like its Hot