Backblast #891 – What Goes Up Must Come Down

AO: Hospital Hill
Workout Date: 03/31/2022
QIC: Snoop
PAX: Gravy, Kokomo, Bald Eagle, Chubbs, Toto
Pre-Blast: Get ready for some good ol' fashion fun at the track tomorrow from 0530-0615. This workout has been inspired by this bop of a tune from Jukebox the Ghost: Take note of the following lyrics: "What goes up must come down. Take my advice and run while you still (can)" "Maybe I just gotta pay the price"

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust


SSH IC x20
Mosey run down to the courtyard in the parking ramp.

YHC had gotten to the AO earlier and dropped a couple of items in the courtyard. 60lb Sandbag X1, 4-lb Sandbag X1, A small gambling table, 20 sided nerd dice X2, Gambling chips, and some cones.

YHC split the group up into two teams using a random chooser application. Teams were: Chubbs, Toto, Snoop VS. Gravy, Bald Eagle, and Kokomo.

Each competition had 3 phases: The betting phase, the Exercise phase, and the Redemption phase.

Betting Phase: The loser of the previous exercise phase could bet up to 5 chips on them winning the next exercise phase.

Exercise Phase: Each group started in the middle of the courtyard and had to bring one of the sandbags up the opposite  staircases, stopping at each doorway to perform reps. The goal was to hit a certain number of reps of an exercise. For example, if the round was 20 Merkins the team would run up the stairs to the first door and roll a D20 and perform that number of reps. No more, No less. Let’s say that number was 10, then the team had 10 more reps to complete. The next dice roll to decrease the number was at the next stair landing. Rinse and repeat up and down the stair case until the entire rep count was completed.

Redemption Phase: The winner of each round was determined by which team completed the Exercise phase first. This resulted in the losing team getting the 60lb sandbag for the next round and the losing team getting the 40lb sandbag. However, after each round there was a Sprint relay (~40 yards there and back) that the losing team could redeem themselves. If the losing team completed the sprint relay first, then the other team received the 60lb sandbag back for the next round.

20 Merkins
40 Squats
60 BBS
80 Flutter Kicks
100 LBCs

Many flights up and down the stairs were completed by the PAX. The losers of the last sprint after the LBCs had to carry the 60lb bag back to the AO, and the winners carrying the 40.


Drop it like its hot