Backblast #910 – Dora the Manhattan Park Explora

AO: Manhattan Park
Workout Date: 05/17/2022
QIC: Kraut
PAX: Madoff, Crosswalk, Cyclone, Hoffa, Bobby Flay
Pre-Blast: @channel YHC is QIC at Manhattan Park tomorrow. I encourage all of you to post at The Stairs with @Toto for a chance to wear the #him-chain, but if you need to go to Manhattan Park I will be there.

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust


Capri Lap
40 SSH
20 Squats
10 Arm Circles, Flap Jack

The Thang

Mini DORA #1

Partner Up. One pax runs a lap around the parking lot, the other does exercises.

50 Decline Merkins
75 Dips
100 4 ct. OH Clap

Mosey to the baseball diamonds

Mini DORA #2

1 Pax goes for a short run, the other works

50 BBS
75 4 ct American Hammers
100 4 ct Flutter Kicks

Mosey to the hill by the parking lot

Mini DORA #3:

Pax 1 runs down the hill and back up, Pax2 does work.

50 Lunges (each leg)
75 Squats
100 4 ct SSH

Mosey back to the AO

3 rounds high knees w/ burpee




Leaders Message:

As long as a man has a dream in his heart, he cannot lose the significance of living…Men cannot continue long to live if the dream in the heart has perished…Where there is no dream, the life becomes a swamp, a dreary dead place and, deep within, a man’s gear begins to rot. The dream need not be some great an overwhelming plan; it need not be a dramatic picture of what might or must be some day…The dream is the quiet persistence in the heart that enables a man to ride out the storms of his churning experiences.
Howard Thurman

Auf Wiedersehen – Kraut