BackBlast 001 – Launch Day

Shovel Flag - F3GR

Five pax from F3 Lake Effect (our Mitten state brothers) rolled into the parking lot of the AO at 0645 on a picture perfect morning, eager to help us get off the ground. Six Grand Rapids area pax rolled in just before 0700 and just like that F3 has expanded its reach further, and a new shovel got its flag.

The dislcaimer was disclaimed, coupons were unloaded and share (appropriate for this very Dutch community), and a brief overview of what F3 is all about was given by YHC. 

Pax: Mad Cow, Hollow Point, Ping, FNG – Dungeon Master, Spongebob, Dig, Honey Bear, FNG – Pac-man, Ryder, Iverson, Ridgecrest – Q.


After requiring a demonstration of what a circle was (not an egg…a circle), the pax were introduced or reminded of cadence counting.

20 – SSH – IC
20 – Cherry Pickers w/Back Claps – IC
20 – Squats – IC

The Thang

The pax migrated over to the RED CARPET REVENGE, a series of roughly 25 posts with rope stretched between them as would be present in a movie premier.

– Squat under the rope, proceed forward to the next.
– Complete in reverse.
– Bear crawl, merkin, sideways roll, bear crawl forward to next. W/R/R through 15 posts.

The pax then grabbed the coupons (official F3 cinder blocks) and got in formation shoulder to shoulder with a few feet separating them. The first four pax carried two coupons each approximately 40 yards while the pax on the line completed a series of 10x Merkins, 10x Jump Squats, 10x Lunges, and held superman while waiting for the coupons to be brought back.

2x with coupons – 40 yards
2x sprint & jog back – 80 yards

After leaving the coupons by the shovel flag, the pax assumed a single file line and proceeded to complete the Bataan Death March to the Hidden Hill with the pax at the back of the pack completing 5 merkins before tagging the next guy and continuing to the front of the line.

A couple POAS were sprinkled in – 10x Carolina Dry Docks OYO and 15x Monkey Humpers demonstrated wonderfully by Ping who has remarkable hip dexterity of which he was quite proud.

The pax continued to Hidden Hill and eased their way in with a slow Bern-ie Sanders walk 50 yards up it to scope out the graffiti-ed indicators on the pavement. After returning to the base of the hill, the pax counted off schoolyard style and alternated:

50 Yard Sprint Uphill / 5 Merkins, hold plank
100 Yard Sprint Uphill / 10 Merkins, hold plank
150 Yard Sprint Uphill / 15 Derkins, hold plank

The pax then began the trek back to the shovel flag with a few Mary POAS thrown in along the way: 
20 Peter Parkers
20 Freddie Mercuries

Hearing the ‘5 minutes to mass’ bell at the church nearby, the pax jailbreak sprinted back to the shovel flag where they wrapped up with 10x American Hammers and the Alphabet from their 6.

The pax then brought it in for the CoT capping a solid debut for F3GR


– T-claps to F3 Lake Effect and Iverson, Honey Bear, Dig, Ryder, and Ping for making the trek north to help us launch. We look forward to growing together under the Lake Effect umbrella
– Ping is an excellent Monkey Humper.
– Pac-man can run hills like none other – playing tag with him in a mountainous area would be invariably a losing endeavor.
– T-claps to the pax (including FIB) that have been a part of the pre-launch activities that helped us to launch with a ‘salted tip-jar.’

Mad Cow has the Q this Wednesday – 0530 Stairway to Heaven, Belknap Stairs.

Launch day pax.

Launch day pax.

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