March 14, 2023

Blackblast #111 - The Queen at The Stairs

Stairway to Heaven
Venti, Big Money, Deep Blue, Kettle Chips
“Man does not stay Fit through exercise alone” Come out to the stairs tomorrow to not only work your body but also discuss and digest Q1.3, The Queen. Bring your coupons and HC below
Various Stretching and Arm Circles with intro to The Queen (Q1.3)
the thang
PAX moved to the stairs with their coupons. Up on landing and down then 5 OH presses, up two and down for 10 OH presses, rinse and repeat till the top was achieved and 40 OH presses were completed. - This is a representation that we CAN NOT out King our Queen, if we lose discipline around our nutrition and try to overcome with more fitness we will still end up in the same place. PAX then ascended the stairs going up two stair steps and down one, rinse and repeat all the way to the top. - This is a representation that we have to have the discipline to make the small gains each day, Fitness/Nutrition goals are achieved by small, incremental daily steps.
Mary was done at the top of the stairs. 5 rounds of 20 IC exercises. Before each exercise a PAX shared a discipline they can make around their Queen by either eliminating or eating/drinking in moderation. American Hammers LBCs Flutter Kicks American Hammers LBCs Descend to the AO
If you are struggling with The Queen find an accountability partner and ask them to hold you accountable to your daily discipline to The Queen. "It's all in the Hips" Chubbs

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