March 18, 2023

Blackblast #114 - Teamwork makes the dream work

The Zoo
Uhaul, Mad Cow, Big Money, Less
I am your Q tomorrow at the Zoo. Fill in the blank "\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ makes the dream work." No coupons required. HC below...
Stretching, 15 SSH (IC)
the thang
We focused on communication as a building block for any team work. One PAX would relay a distance to run and AMRAP exercises for the other PAX to complete, while he did 2 blockies and carried the coupon overhead to meet with the other PAX. Leadership would be transferred to the next PAX. We completed this until we arrived at the opening for the hill under the overpass. Leadership was changed 7 times. We then focused on working as a group. We completed a bucket brigade up and down the hill for time. After the first round, we completed an AAR and made some suggestions for improvement. We went again and lowered our time by 30 seconds. Big Money did not follow the rules on the last transfer, and we completed 10 burpees as a team as punishment. We then did two rounds of a people's chair bucket brigade, completing an AAR in between to improve team function. We again lowered our time. We then stood in a circle, with our backs facing each other and passed the coupon around clock wise and counter clock wise. We returned to the AO with the same way as getting there, however the blockies were increased to 3.
Prayers to our fellow PAX at Bragg. The beaches are safe -Hasselhoff

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