October 29, 2022

Blackblast #22 - UM/msu Gameday Beatdown

The Zoo
Hank The Tank, Creed, Bart Simpson, Mad Cow, Hasselhoff, Miss Daisy, Humpty Dumpty
0700 at the Zoo tomorrow with Chubbs on the Q! HC below for NO murder bunnies, but plan for some coupon work, bring them running shoes and make sure your hands are warmed up and ready to catch a pass or two! Coupons required, HC below.
Of the pax that posted the exercises that wagered on the UM/msu gave were: Kraken Burpees Burpees Man Makers SSH (4ct) BBS After standard stretches we warmed up with 100 4ct SSH.
the thang
It was still too to see the cones laid out in the field so we grabbed four footballs and moseyed to the base of the hidden hill, as the first pass was dropped we realized we had a new FNG who joined up with us! He was welcomed with Burpees. Each time a ball hit the group the group had to pay with a penalty. Penalties assessed: 10 Burpees, 20 BBS, 10 Burpees, 20 BBS. FINALLY at the base of the hidden hill the Pax partnered up. The goal was to reach the top of the hill without dropping a pass. The passing Pax must stay stationary while the other sprinted. Once the pass was completed the passing Pax would sprint past their partner and receive the pass. This was repeated until reaching the top OR if the ball was dropped then the team must sprint back to the bottom of the hill and start again. Two teams reached the top, as time was called the six was picked up and all made there way to the top. The amount of completions needed were totaled and exercises were called. 33 - 4ct SSH 29 - Incline BBS 7 - Burpees After a mosey to the bottom of the hill with general football throwing craziness we lined up at the base and Indigenous People ran back to the AO. The Pax were greeted with cones at 20/40/60/80/100 yards. To finish the workout the Pax ran a version of blocking sled suicides. Instead of a blacking sled Pax bear crawled pulling their coupons between the yard markers. At 20 yards they did 2 Man Makers, sprinted to the goal line and back, resumed the bear crawl to the 40 where they did 4 Man Makers, then sprinted to the goal line and back. This cadence went all the way to the far goal line where they finished with 10 Man Makers as a group Total Man Makers 30 or 40 depending if you picked up the six.
Recovery walk back to the AO.
Welcome and naming of our new FNG, Creed! Still time to sign up for Veterans GoRuck! It is ok to have a little fun sometimes! Don't forget that! "It's all in the hips" Chubbs

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