August 19, 2023

Blackblast #245 - F3 Summer Games - Yard Edition

The Zoo
Soft Spot
Babe Ruth, Hasselhoff, Big Money, ATM, Manhole, Bart Simpson, Bald Eagle, Snoop, King Bob, Scareface
I have the Q at the zoo. This is open to ALL 2.0’s!! Sons, daughters, nieces, nephews.  Don’t let kid duty hold you back. The theme is F3 Summer Games. Yard edition. Lace up your shoes and bring your competitive spirit. 0700 HC here Friendly wagers and bets are encouraged.
- SSH x 10 - Arm Circles x 5 (4ct) - Flap Jack - Imperial Walkers x 10 ( 4ct)
the thang
Summer Games - Yard Edition Three stations were set up. 1. Workout Dice 1. Teams would roll the dice to see the reps and exercise they needed to perform. 2. Workout Bucket Toss 1. There were 4 balls (2 tennis balls, 2 whiffle balls) PAX would toss the ball to the collection of buckets. Each Bucket had workout cards inside. If they missed, they would perform a Burpee. 3. Sprint Tic Tac Toe 1. PAX would run to a large Tic Tac Toe board and toss a bean bag into the spot of their choice and run back. The next PAX would run and place their bag. The winner would choose the exercise to be performed. PAX and 2.0s were broken up into groups and rotate through the stations with 10-12 minutes per station. After each group made it through the stations, we broke up into two groups for a frisbee match.
Coffeteria to follow at Roots. Thats a wrap. SS.

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