August 22, 2023

Blackblast #246 - Two Guests at Johnson Park

Johnson Park
Bart Simpson, Deep Blue, Less, Big Money, Hindsight (F3 Omaha), Pepé le Dog
The idea behind tomorrow’s workout comes from the Jenison football combine. I saw tears, some lineman dry heaving, a little bit of everything! Since we are not elementary kids we will be adding coupons for fun! HC below
Is that a Coyote??? Thought YHC as he gazed into the gloom awaiting the Pax arrival? Well I wasn't sure as it disappeared into the darkness of Johnson Park. As the parking lot was set up with pylons and cones every 10 yards the QIC realized that's a dog! Pax arrive to various stretching and arm circles, then carried their coupons to the far south end of the parking lot. Warm Up mosey around parking lot with our new friend DR from Omaha AND a four legged FNG that was laying next to the cars but decided to participate...
the thang
Partner up, doggo not included. 1 Pax Planks while the other partner does 60 yard down and backs (formerly known as suicides) turning every 20 yards. SWAP and repeat till each Pax has run 3X 10 Merkins and Mosey around the parking lot, joined by FNG Dog. We have now realized that this doggo has been skunked and absolutely stanks, but he is REALLY nice and well trained. Re - partner! Using our coupons 1 Pax is doing AMRAP Curls while the other is doing 30 yard down and backs holding the coupon OH turning every 10 yards. 3X each 15 Merkins and Mosey around parking lot. Re - Partner Pax 1 is holding legs lifted to 6 inches while the other PAX does 60 yard down and backs but with a down up at every turn (20 yards). 3X each. 20 Merkins There may have been another round but at this point YHC was distracted by the doggo and how we were going to find his owner.
Naming our new FNG Doggo and trying to read his tags without getting to close to stinky. Owner reached, Pepe reunited!
Iron Pax next week T.A.P.S introduced - Who needs our thoughts, accolades or prayers? It's all in the hips! -Chubbs

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